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Your reputation: Fodder for YouTube? – written for tba | PR + Advertising

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Like many Americans, I am infuriated about what is being done to the animals and tourism in the Gulf of Mexico. I have several friends and family members in Florida and Louisiana, and have become sickened by what BP is saying and doing to try to help fix the mess. After seeing this video called “Gulf Oil Spill Birds – Don’t Let Kids Watch” it reminded me about the power of YouTube.

More and more, we are hearing about people getting their 5 seconds of fame by posting videos on YouTube. I naturally found it really funny when one of the most recent viral videos of a Brazilian baby dancing in his diaper titled “Bimbo Dancer,” made it on national news. This video was used to note Tony Hayward’s behavior during his recent testimony to Congress:

BP published a TV spot in early June to try and fix the issue it created. Regardless of the messaging set forth, its actions so far do not reflect what the company said it would do.

BP’sactions have only led to more and more anger and mockery, such as this video below titled “BP Spills Coffee.” I think they had this one coming.

YouTube is not only a medium for people to vent their frustration but also a medium for resourceful, newsworthy information of what is truly happening. In the video below, Mike Ellis, a boat captain in Louisiana, notes his negative experience with BP while assisting with rescuing endangered sea turtles from the spill.

The media have changed. It is unnerving, but regardless, people’s actions are transparent, and anything said or done has a strong likelihood of being posted online or made into a spoof. Watch out BP, and anyone else out there doing something they are afraid of others finding out about. YouTube is advertising you! And your reputation might never be the same again.