Party Rock! Written for tba | PR + Advertising

September 7th, 2011

On March 8, 2011, the duo LMFAO posted “Party Rock Anthem’s” music video to its YouTube channel. It now has more than 191 million views. This speaks to how a contagious message can quickly spread and go viral through the use of online marketing and video.

The video starts out in an apocalyptic world where no one is around. After the singers put in Beats headphones by Dr. Dre (a great co-brand marketing tactic) and are told to “play along,” they quickly fit in with the robots, aliens and even a man dressed up as Jesus who all have the shuffling fever.

The song has become rapidly popular since it came out, and has been recently picked up by Kia Motors for a Kia’s Soul commercial, which features the three hamsters you may remember from last years Super Bowl commercials.

Any company can put out a message or an ad campaign, but without a holistic approach, which looks at both online and offline marketing, the company could very well be missing a big opportunity to see their brand grow exponentially.

Pinterest is My Newest Interest – Written for tba | PR + Advertising

June 20th, 2011

Carolyn Kiser, one of my fellow co-workers, introduced me to the wonderful world of Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of my newest online addictions. If you are not familiar with this site, it is basically several online inspiration boards for whatever you want to keep track of. This easy-to-use, visually appealing site allows you to name your “boards” and “pin” websites that inspire you with  ideas, favorite quotes, fashion, recipes, DIY projects and so on.

Here’s mine:


So why is Pinterest so great and what’s the big deal?

If you are a visual person like me, you know what I’m talking about. This site enables you to weed through all of the nonsense on the Internet and provides  a way to see only the best of the best and choose what you want to track.

It is a great way to help make decisions, plan events and generate ideas. Of course, the iPhone app is pretty cool too!


Businesses and individuals alike should take an interest in Pinterest. In particular, if you are a retail business. If you have an online shopping cart or online products page on your website, you are able to put a “pin-it” button, which is a great way to promote buzz about your company and products. Pinterest also allows you to monitor what others are posting from your company site.

If you are interested in getting an invite to Pinterest or learning more about how to get others talking about your company, contact us and we will be happy to discuss this further.

Career Advancement Tips for Freshies – 5 Quick Advice To Help You Grow Successfully

May 21st, 2011

You have just left college and started on your first job. Although you know what your role is at your work place, you are also eager to make an impression. Remember that when you practice these career advancement tips, the results are not immediate. You will only begin to see their values when you start to internalize and act upon them naturally.

  1. Heart – If you want career advancement, then do everything fueled by the heart. While your brain provides the knowledge, your hands and legs provides the skills, and your heart provides the passion. Fuel every task with passion.When you work full heartedly, your quality shows. Someone who has the skills and knowledge but do not have the heart to complete the given task can only do a good job. To do a great job, you not only need skills and knowledge, you need heart.

    Perfection comes when passion meets skills and knowledge. Approach your work with all your heart and you will advance in your career, successfully.

  2. Heed – Many freshies I have come across and worked with are very excited to demonstrate what they know and learned in school.However, they forget that sometimes experience is needed to complement what is learned in the academic world. As a freshie in the workplace, you need to take heed of what your seniors and bosses advice you. Pay careful attention to what they are trying to tell you. Some things only experience can teach you. The finer points of any industry can only be learned when you take heed of advice from elders in the industry.
  3. Hunger – Have the hunger to know more and learn more. Have the hunger to want to go further and do more. If you want to advance in your career, always be hungry for relevant skills and knowledge. Always be hungry for excellence in your work. One of my ex-bosses used to tell me, when you do a good job, you earn your salary and your current position. When you do an excellent job, you give me reasons to give you an increment and a promotion.The hunger to want to do more and do better quite naturally makes you a competitive advantage in your unit. People will notice your constant pursuit of excellence and that will make them want you to work for them and keep you on the team. You increase your value to the company. This is one of the career advancement tips I continue to practice till today.
  4. Hindrance – As a freshie, you lack experience at work and you will find a lot hindrances. These hindrances coupled with your eagerness to demonstrate your prowess at work will frustrate you.Some challenges and obstacles are real. It could be related to your lack of skills and knowledge to complete a task.

    You may perceive yourself to know how to do the task but in reality you may not be equipped to do so. When faced with hindrances, seek help. Do not be egoistic to not do so. No one knows everything. When you seek help you learn a new skill.

    Some hindrances are more people oriented. They can be difficult colleagues simply testing your patience. When I was a freshie, how I approached this hindrance was to see it as a rites of passage. They want me to give them a reason for respecting my input and my work. When faced with such colleagues, practice patience. In extreme cases, you can seek help from your immediate boss.

  5. Humor – To balance off the career advancement tips of heed, hunger and hindrance is humor. I can still remember some of my personal experiences related to these career advancement tips.Imagine how stressful it can be when they all happen together. Imagine the stress of having to deal with this situation – You are supposed to take heed of advice and remember it, especially when it is due to a mistake. You need to be hungry for excellence. You get hindrances from colleagues because you are new. In addition, hindrance to complete some tasks due to the lack of experience. How do you deal with it?

    One of the best ways to deal with all these is to have a sense of humor. Laugh at yourself a little. When the going gets tough, laugh. While you need to be serious with your work to increase your chances of career advancement, it doesn’t mean you cannot relax. Sometimes you have to say – it’s only work. Having a sense of humor allows you to minimize the stress at work.

These are the 5 quick yet important career advancement tips a freshie can practice at work immediately. With constant practice, you can make it a habit and it would seem effortless before you know it. Taken from Career Success for Newbies.

Colors. A Key Element in Your Brand. – Written for tba | PR + Advertising

March 29th, 2011

Colors evoke emotions and feelings.

What influence they have on a consumer is not always easy to determine without keeping in mind demographics and your product or service’s messages.

According to a marketing study from the University of Loyola, Maryland, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent! When developing brand identities for our clients, we always evaluate the use of color knowing how important it is in the success of a brand and its identification in a crowded marketplace.

As a reference, I have indicated basic color meanings below. Note, these are not rigid rules, just general associations to keep in mind:

Blue = depth, stability, trust, masculine, tranquility, security

Red = intensity, energy, war, danger, love, passion, strength, energetic, urgency

Purple = soothing, calming, royalty, power, nobility, wealth, ambition, dignified, mystery

Yellow = optimistic, youthful, joyful, intellectual, energetic, cheerful

Green = nature, growth, fertility, fresh, healing, safe, wealthy, relaxation

Orange = aggressive, warmth, stimulation, enthusiasm, happiness, success, creativity

Pink = romantic, feminine, idealistic

Black = powerful, sleek, intimidating

Be sure to contact tba to find out how we can help boost your brand’s familiarity!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Book #1 – Finished on January 24th!

February 1st, 2011

My great friend and co-worker Christina Knapp and I spoke about illustrating four icons to show the story behind the book once complete. I have chosen the four images below:

Reading has been great for me, especially now. Some may know that my mother passed away in January of last year, so anything that can keep my mind focused elsewhere has been more than helpful.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a very different book from what I’m typically interested in. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t put it down for even a moment to write out a blog charting my progress (no excuses though, no excuses). It perplexed me on several occasions and the characters decision making processes frustrated me to the point of gasping out loud. “WHAT?” – I caught myself saying several times throughout my reading adventure.

This thriller filled with mystery, murder and debauchery really surprised me at how captivated I quickly became of the characters. Stieg Larsson does an amazing job at creating a feeling of connection by thoroughly illustrating his thoughts and bringing the story and his actors to life for the reader. From book number one, I was able to take away several life lessons, including the ones listed below:

  1. A great boss can handle employees with warmth and trust but at the same time is not afraid of confrontation and can be tough when necessary.
  2. People always have secrets. It’s just a matter of finding out what they are.
  3. Don’t be fooled by outward appearances. Get to know everyone.
  4. Never engage in a fight you’re sure to loose. On the other hand never let anyone who has insulted you get away with it. Bide your time and strike back when you’re in a position of strength – even if you no longer need to strike back.
  5. Every action has it’s consequences.
  6. It does no good to cry. Every-time you do, it makes someone aware of something in your life, which makes your situation far worse.
  7. Keep those people who give you spontaneous good impressions from the very beginning close.

Now my question to you: What book(s) have you read recently that you were able to take away a great life lesson?

Today marks the first day for book number two on my reading list. In February I will be reading “Then we set his hair on fire: Insights and Accidents from a Hall of Fame Career in Advertising” by Phil Dunsberry. I am very excited about this one, as my interests in reading typically fall within the realm of business and inspiration. So 276 pages in 28 days. That’s about 10 pages/day. I know I can manage this book, and hopefully even write a blog or two along the way 🙂

I hope to hear from you all soon!


p.s. Thank you to Maria Rott, Lynn Cummings, Kris Spelce, Angie Dietz, Christina Knapp, Carolyn Kiser and to all of my bus buddies for supporting me and keeping on me about this project. You are all my backbone on this project!